The Literary Blockbuster Challenge

Our Literary Blockbuster Challenge is now complete and our distinguished team of judges has selected the winners.

We will now be sharing the winning novels with our vetted editors and agents who are looking forward to the opportunity to review the fresh works of literature that Inkubate attracts. Once their reviews are complete, we will share the winners’ names publicly.

We are so grateful to all of our writers who have participated in this first Inkubate challenge. We are also indebted to our prestigious team of judges who have made this exciting contest possible:

Our lead judge, James W. Hall, was the inspiration for our contest. His book, Hit Lit: Cracking the Code of the Twentieth Century’s Biggest Bestsellers (April 2012), served as a worthy guide for writers aspiring to write a bestselling novel. A retired professor of Creative Writing at Florida International University, Hall is also a best-selling author of “literary mysteries.” His new Thorn novel, Going Dark, will be published in early December by St. Martin’s Press.

Jennifer Clement is an award-winning poet and we're so happy that her novel Prayers for the Stolen was awarded a 2012 National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship and that it will be published by Hogarth in February, 2014.

Martha Frankel, author of Hats and Eyeglasses, is always busy championing new writers. As executive director of the Woodstock Writers Festival, she brings “the hottest names in literature to the coolest town in the world.” We encourage you to attend next year’s Festival, which is scheduled for April 4-6, 2014.

Larry Beinhart is the political satirist we all love and he’s the author of many beloved books, including Wag the Dog and How to Write a Mystery.

And we would be remiss not to salute Susan Sutliff Brown, Ph.D. who conceived the idea for a hybrid novel contest, built the expert teams of judges and guided the entire contest from start to finish.

All press requests regarding the contest should be directed to Stacy Clark at Please forward press credentials with any email.